MCD Property Tax

MCD Property Tax

Local municipal authorities and urban local bodies’ major share of revenue come from property tax that helps them to run their department and services. However, in the past few years, mcd property tax has not seen expected growth. Reasons for this have been the inherent adequacies in the tax system due to which a large number of properties fell out of the tax net. It also leads to the inaccurate assessment and inefficient collection. The new PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP model also known as PPP model, has been an innovative step taken by Property Tax Division of MCD. The basic objective and vision has been to provide residents of Delhi with a citizen-centric service that is efficient, accountable, and transparent. As per the recommendations of Govt. of India, MCD has preferred and selected Unit Area System over Annual Rental Value and Capital Value System for property assessment.

The Basic Features Of Online MCD Tax

MCD’s e-Property offers the following benefits/advantages:

  • Instead of a top-down approach, bottom up approach has been taken up by mcd property tax new delhi services with residents having an important role to play. The top-down approach had been the cause of many adequacies. 
  • Information and Technology has been leveraged to provide easy access to information. MCD property tax online also ensures transparency of information. There is no need to access touts or middle-men as their service is no longer needed by the tax payers.
  • A comprehensive database of mcd property tax new delhi will make it easy to identify the defaulters who have repeatedly defaulted in paying taxes.
  • Automatic tax calculations will make it easy to calculate the property tax bringing down the chances of errors. This will help in improved tax collections, as there will be less pending corrections to be made. Earlier, manual calculations resulted in a high volume of pending tax-corrections. 
  • Tax dues and receipts can be monitored effortlessly.
  • With E-Property, customers can manage payment of taxes from their computers. This will eliminate the need to stand in long queues especially towards the end of tax submission dates when one would have to stand for many hours in queue to pay the taxes.  
  • Apart from negligible effort and cost, managing e-PTRs is simple and efficient.

Tax Payers

  • A self explanatory form one-page form that can be easily and quickly filled. Filing a PTR takes just 2-3 minutes.
  • PTR can be filed anywhere, any time. Owners just need to login online and fill and submit the online PTR form.
  • Detail explanations of  tax calculations.
  • MCD property tax online facility to take print out of challans
  • Convenient tax payment options that include
  • DD at authorized bank, Cheque, Cash, and CSB counters
  • ITZ Cash
  • Credit Card
  • More than 800 ITZ Cash counters have been established across Delhi. Residents can pay their MCD property tax easily and get printout of receipts. All forms of cash payments are accepted at ITZ cash centers.
  • Tax payers can avail easy facilities such as printing and Instant receipt generation. They can use the online print facility to generate and print the bill.
  • No need to approach middle-man or touts. This saves one from paying unnecessary fees to get things done. It also saves on time.  
  • Saving of time and money – Since tax-payers can pay online, they do not have to go any offices or counters and thus save a lot of time and money that could otherwise have been wasted in standing at queues. 
  • Tax payers can easily monitor their account and past transactions online. This includes tax bills and receipts, pending dues, etc.